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Aromatherapy to Reduce Belly Fat

Sounds wonderful to me. How about a massage and a wonderful fragrance to sooth the senses? Could that be the answer to reduce belly fat. I only printed a small excerpt from a very long article, but pay attention to the last paragraph and the essential oils that might just be a way to reduce belly fat and thigh fat and even a fat butt.

We all know that fragrance can be a driving force.  Some smells wake you up and some are romantic and some are energizing. Your ability to smell is tied to how well you can sniff.  You cannot smell something when you are stopped up with a cold, allergies or sinus infection because you simply cannot pull enough air up into your nose.

There is an interesting article about aromatherapy and its effect on the human being. Just an excerpt from the middle of the article follows.

....Though there are said to be about 300 essential oils, an average household could make do with around only ten of them.

Using a synthetic drug to kill bacteria is like cracking a nut with a sledgehammer in the process, not only killing bacteria but also destroying the beneficial ones present in the bodies. But essential oils act slowly in the antibiotic sense and while killing off the bacteria or virus they raise the body's immune system to strengthen the resistance," underlines FM's Handbook of Aromatherapy by Mumbai-based Dr. Ravi Rattan.

The book points out that Aroma-therapy being a "complimentary medicine" can also be combined with other alternative medical systems like acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, magnet therapy, naturopathy and also allopathy.

The book has also suggested ways to check obesity. It says, "obesity, lack of muscle tone and stubborn areas of fat will respond to physical message, especially areas of fat when used with essential oils. These have a stimulating effect on metabolism, such as grape fruit oil for gall bladder, juniper for kidneys, lemon orange for liver. A lemongrass blend or a jumper blend used in regular massage of thighs and buttocks has a very toning and slimming effect".....


Just remember that all essential oils must be thinned with a base oil to prevent burning the skin.

You may not be able to find anyone at home who is willing to give a massage.  Everyone is so busy. Or you may be embarrassed by your own body and not want someone else to see you. So, you just do the massage yourself. Visit your local health food store to pick up some essential oils or buy them on line.  Use a firm hand and some soothing music.

If your budget will stand it and you have access to a local massage spa, give yourself a real treat. They usually stock a selection of essential oils that you can pick from.

If you want to know more about Aromatherapy, take a minute to visit and do a quick search for books on Aromatherapy.


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