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Proven belly fat reduction from Diet Pills?

No, I don't think so.  All those diet pills have a fine print disclaimer that states that the pill will work better if combined with an exercise program.  So you come back to the same old question is it the diet pills or did the exercise speed up the Metabolism.

Now we all know that the metabolism is what is in control of burning up the fat storage. If you choose not to exercise in favor of an easy diet pill then you are doomed to failure. It is that movement that becomes a habit that tells the metabolism to burn up the stored fat in your belly.

Green Tea, the natural tea for help to reduce a fat belly.

The best way to lose belly fat is a combination of diet changes and exercise increases.  You don't need to eat less and run miles.  You need to eat differently and walk and do strength training exercises.

Get rid of those soft drinks and add green tea, the natural tea to help reduce a fat belly. Do not sweeten the tea with sugar or even worse a sugar substitute. Use natural honey to sweeten your tea.  With a little effort you can learn to like coffee sweetened with honey.

Diet pills are a common choice for individuals who don’t want to spend their time and effort doing exercise and changing their eating habits. Or, they can be the choice of people who want a quick start on losing weight. They may think that if they can lose 20 pounds then they can begin to exercise. Your health care provider may in fact prescribe a diet pill for just that reason if you are obese and unable to exercise. For many the current approach to get rid of weight by making you lose your appetite is quick and simple.  Or it can be a pill that prevents your body from storing all that junk fat.  That pill also keeps your body from processing the good fats and the vitamins that can only be used with good fats.

The sad fact is that even though it took you years to put on the belly fat, your mind just wants that slim stomach back NOW.  Diet pills fill that fantasy.  They promise quick results. Two weeks or 30 days, you cannot stay in good health and lose 50 pounds.  Yet for someone who cannot even remember the last time they had a slim figure or a flat stomach, the diet pill can be helpful.  This person may have never learned nutrition or been able to exercise self control.

For the person who is morbidly obese, diet pills have a place. 
For the obese person, diet changes and exercise are the best and safest route to weight loss.  If you really want to trim down that belly, exercise is a must.  You cannot control the bulge until you have strong core muscles.

In dieting, setting your goals is very important. But it must be a realistic goal.  Two pounds a week is realistic.  You must look at this from the perspective of your body.  If you lose more than that, your body's instinctive response is to slow down the natural metabolism even more because obviously you must be going through a famine or some other disaster.

The market offers different diet pills and they are really making it big since many want to have the fast and convenient way of toning their body. But a diet pill cannot tone you.  It can trick your mind into thinking you are not hungry.  It can move all the fat stuff you eat out of your body so quickly no new fat can be stored. Diet pills can also stress your heart and liver and kidneys.  They can be deadly.  That is why, if you must try the latest greatest diet pill, check with your health care provider first and on a regular basis as long as you are on this pill.

There are pills which are habit forming and this is alarming. One could become dependent in the long run. Just like any other medical concerns, talking to your doctor would be a great help. It is for your safety.

The biggest problem with taking diet pills is that they may also slow down metabolism.

So, you lose 40 pounds on your diet pills and then stop taking them.  Over night it seems you gain back the weight and more. The reality is that once you return to normal eating patterns, your metabolism which slowed down during the diet pill intake, is just not programmed to burn fat.  And in fact, your brain now has determined that it will make sure you hold on to some extra fat just in case that disaster happens again.

Again we come back to exercise.  If you are doing exercise while on the diet pills, then your metabolism will stay up. But you must learn to eat properly because fat food is fat food.

To have a safer use of diet pills, seek a physician’s advice. 

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