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Common Myths about IBS


Those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) often find there are several myths related to this painful syndrome.

Pre-conceived ideas are still often associated with IBS. If you are an IBS sufferer, just separating the realities from what you have heard may help you find the correct solution to your own particular problem.

One myth often heard regarding IBS is that it is not very common. This is something that is often heard but it is not necessarily true. It is estimated one third of the population in the western world is dealing with IBS.

Many people think IBS is uncommon due to the fact many suffers do not visit a doctor or health care provider to find a solution for their symptoms. If you are dealing with IBS, you can be reassured you are not alone and there are cures for your problem. Therefore it is important you visit your doctor to have your diagnosis confirmed.

Another myth about IBS is that it does not cause considerable pain, but is considered just annoying.

This myth will differ according to who you discuss IBS with. For some, the pain from IBS will cause them to stay close to home and avoid social situations. Others will have moderately painful symptoms that they treat with over the counter medications. There are many differences associated with IBS and these will depend on your digestive tract and how you treat it.

Many people think IBS is a caused from stress. Whilst stress and anxiety are associated with IBS, it is not the major cause for IBS symptoms. However, it adds to the pain that is usually felt in the lower abdomen. Stress and anxiety are often common additions to IBS. 

One of the most common myths which relates to IBS involves its diagnosis. There are many people who claim that there is no treatment for IBS. They also think there are no standard tests that help in determining whether a patient has IBS. There are still doctors who think IBS is simply a common complaint for patients who want something to be wrong.

However, there are certain standards that will determine if you have IBS and these are performed by your doctor. These test results will help your doctor or health professional to prescribe a series of different solutions to solve your IBS problem.

The definition you have heard behind IBS, as well as the symptoms caused by IBS may also be inaccurate. Knowing what the exact symptoms are will help you to determine whether you have IBS or not.

You can also examine the symptoms and disorders that are not associated with IBS but other disorders. Defining what these are will dispel some of the myths you have heard..

IBS has several elements of hear-say often related to defining what it is which is not true. By performing your own research and finding out what is available, you will be able to dismiss the pre-conceived, inaccurate ideas relating to IBS.

Bottom line is that only with professional medical testing will you know for certain if IBS and IBS alone is your problem. 



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