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Are you looking for an Electric Mobility Scooter? 

TV ads, Internet Ads, Insurance approval, so many things to consider. Expense vs Freedom. Your physician will have to get involved in order to get insurance to pay. It may be a struggle, but it is so worth it to find the freedom to go in an electric scooter.

Electric Mobility Scooter

By []Diane Davies

Are you confined to your bed, chair or even your home because of mobility limitations? Then an electric mobility scooter may just be the solution you are looking for. These scooters have literally revolutionized mobility for people with walking limitations.

The electric mobility scooter is much more versatile than the electric wheelchair. Most scooter models come equipped with the three wheel design. The heavy duty model comes with five wheels to increase stability and the amount of rider weight it can carry. The scooters are also available with either rear drive or front drive depending on the model you choose. The narrow rear wheel width and tight turning radius allow the driver to maneuver easily through hallways and doorways to travel from room to room.

The mobility scooter has a seat with 360 degrees of rotation making it simple to drive up to a table or desk. This also allows for more movement of your legs and feet which helps circulation. The seat can be locked in any position to make transferring easy and safe. If you have some upper body strength and can sit with little support, the electric scooter encourages you to lift your arms and hands to driving position which helps with breathing and posture.

Electric mobility scooters are safe. They are equipped generally with electromagnetic brakes with a manual release. The drive system on Amigo scooters is sealed and lifetime-lubricated with no belts or chains and easy maintenance. Electrical systems come with airline-safe sealed batteries that are rechargeable. Scooter speed varies with the model of scooter but is in the range of 0 - 5 miles per hour. The unit weight also varies by models and accessories. That range is from 75# - 245#. To transport your electric mobility scooter, Amigo has a Lift-It that makes for a simple solution. It is easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle and makes transporting your scooter convenient for all ages.

Electric mobility scooters are giving freedom and independence back to seniors and people with walking limitations. Getting yourself a drink of water, taking a pet for a walk, even getting the mail or newspaper, simple tasks we take for granted, are now possible again because of the electric scooter. Travel in and around the home, gated communities and shopping malls has returned the senior and those with a handicap to active independent mobility and put a smile back on their face!

About the author: Diane Davies has an interest in helping people keep their mobility as long as possible. For more information visit:

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Be sure to look at the expense of putting in a ramp to your home and the possible need to make doorways wider. Even better is being able to lower counters in the kitchen and bath. If you live in an older home, you may have difficulty getting to the toilet.

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