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Fade Acne Scars

We all want to look as good as possible. Fading those acne scars is as important as that hair style.

Let's face it, the less self conscious you feel about your looks the more self confident you feel and act.

Although make up is a great cover up, it can cause more break outs and therefore more scars.

There are some great tips listed here. You are sure to see some great changes.


How To Fade Acne Scars - Fast and Easy!

By Jessica Kihara

Acne is a horrible experience to go through. Then, after you're done breaking out, acne leaves you with dark or reddish scars!

I have had to go through this myself. It took me awhile but I finally found a technique that works. The magic secret is basically to exfoliate the skin, then heal the skin. However, if you want your skin to look good, you must go about this the right way:

Step 1: Prevent future breakouts. Once you clear those pimples up, you'll want to keep them way because the less blemishes you have, the less scars you'll have to take care of.

Step 2: Exfoliate every 2-3 days. Do not use harsh chemical exfoliants like salycic acid to exfoliate your skin. These formulas tend to irritate the skin causing it to look more inflamed than it normally would. I found the best method to be GENTLE manual exfoliation. The most effective & economical is either sand or cornmeal. I prefer cornmeal because it's much cleaner! Mix this with some liquid soap (like Dr. Bronner's liquid castille soap) and some water. Prepare a little a time, to make it easier to handle. Apply the scrub to your skin in a soft circular motion. Don't work on any one area too long. Remember, you do not want to irritate your skin.

Step 3: Heal the skin with pure natural vitamin E oil. Real vitamin E oil will be brownish in color, not clear/yellow. This skin friendly vitamin will do wonderful things for your appearance. The 1st application wll be the one to dramatically reduce scar visibility. To apply, make sure skin is clean & dry. For optimal results, apply after exfoliation. Spread this thick oil on anywhere you want better looking, softer skin. Make sure to cover all acne scars completely.

Step 4: Rinse skin in the morning. Do not wash with soap or cleanser.

Doing this regularly will definitely help your acne scars to fade faster. Skin heals itself while you're sleeping so use these techniques before bed for the best results. You're on your way to smooth & healthy skin!

Jessica Kihara

Learn How I Cured My Acne!

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