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Just for you guys and those who love you and look after your health.

Eventually age catches up with you.  All the hard tough guy living you have done is going to jump up and bite you.  You are a victim of the "bite-the-bullet" mentality in which you were brought up. You have ignored aches and pains for years.  You hate going to the doctor and that "special" exam.

Your wife may make fun of you for acting like a baby when you have a cold or the flu, but there is no way you are going to tell her about the pain you sometimes get in your chest or the funny new mole on your foot.

Guys - ignoring reality will not make it go away.  Make a promise and keep it about getting serious with a good diet and exercise program.  Don't just go out and buy the advertising - read and learn, see your doctor and live to enjoy your great grand children.

  • Prostate
    I had a hard time deciding if this article should go under cancer or mens health. I think the information on prostate health can also be preventative so here it is. I think this is a subject that men generally fear (testing),and ignore.
  • Low Testosterone
    It is estimated that over 4 million American men have low testosterone (hypogonadism). This is thought to be largely responsible for impotence, depression, fatigue, excess body fat and osteoporosis
  • Low Testosterone Creams and Gels
    In the search for an easy way to increase testosterone, many men are looking at creams and gels and patches
  • Health Tests for Men
    Standard Health Tests include blood pressure, prostate, diabetes, cholesterol
  • Natural Supplements to Increase Testosterone
    Natural Supplements to Increase Level of Testosterone What is the underlying cause of impotence, depression, fatigue, excess body fat and osteoporosis in an estimated four million American men? Low Testosterone.
  • Yearly Physical for Men
    Yearly Physical I think every father and grandfather needs to read this. After all what is the most important thing a Dad can give his family - himself. Most men decide to ignore that yearly physical. Ignorance is not bliss and may result in an absent father.
  • ED
    You see the ads on TV, you read about it in the papers and on the internet. You may be experiencing IT yourself. Yes you can fix it without pills.
  • Male Menopause or Andropause

Can Men Have Breast Cancer?

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