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Fibromyalgia is a big fancy word for muscle and joint pain. I believe doctors had to come up with a fancy word no one can spell just to cover themselves. Besides, the insurance company won't pay if the problem doesn't have a fancy word. Getting a new word into the bible of diagnostic numbers is a daunting chore. In essence it is an acknowledgement by both the medical and insurance profession that a condition exists.

Fibromyalgia is a good catch all word. If it isn't arthritis or a pulled muscle and it doesn't respond well to a prescription then it must be Fibromyalgia. Like most diseases the research continues and has provided more tests to confirm Fibromyalgia.  Regrettably, some people diagnose themselves using the internet and apply the term Fibromyalgia to themselves without the medical confirmation.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying the pain is not real. (I have been accused of being too flip about this issue. I have been accused of not taking it seriously or acknowledging that the pain is life altering.  This was not my intention in writing this article. I simply cannot write gloom and doom.  If there is a problem, there is a solution, we just have to find it.  And sometimes the cure seems worse than the problem.)

I believe the big problem is that the medical community treats the symptoms instead of the cause.

If your body is too acidic you are going to have a break down in the joints and tissues.


So - we are back to diet. If anything were more acidic than cola it would have to be battery acid. Yes, you can clean the battery with cola.

Do you have to give up colas? Well, it would be a good idea. You would get rid of a lot of sugar as well. But if you are addicted to cola try cutting back. More important, add something to your diet. Drink distilled water.

Try distilled water for a week and see if you are feeling better. Now I mean a lot of distilled water. Double the amount of water for every thing you drink - if you have a cola, drink twice as much water.

Cut back on the red meat. Add lots of fresh green vegetables in a raw state. Your goal is the get the proper pH level for your body.

Just like what you eat and drink, what you think affects your pH also. If you are stressed the pH will become acid.

Your stomach is naturally acidic, it is supposed to be. Antacids may relieve the pain, but they also stop the break down of foods leading to the rotting food syndrome. Ok, I made up the "rotting food syndrome".

Your body is a marvelous thing. You can abuse it for decades and it will still function. Eventually though, your body is going to cry and make you cry in pain.

Pain is the only language your body has (that you understand) to communicate with you. Pain says something is wrong. Chronic pain is the worse kind. It just creeps up -- getting worse and worse week by week until it finally gets your attention.

By then you are often so far away from the original source of "injury" that you can't properly identify the problem. It is not like burning your fingers on the stove.

Chronic pain is a build up of injuries to your body. If you stub your toe on the bed everyday eventually you would avoid the bed or put on shoes. An unbalanced pH is such a slow disease condition most people just don't recognize it. Eventually you do enough damage you are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or Cirrhosis of the liver or clogged arteries. If your pH is out of balance then your immune system becomes unable to keep you in good shape.

Work at correcting the cause and you will eventually remove the symptom.

First you have to identify the culprits. Keep a food and drink journal for at least a week. Keep an exercise journal as well. Your exercise journal may only have the entry of

1. walked to the car,
2. vacuumed the carpet,
3. sat upright in front of the computer.

I worked in the yard yesterday, and today my back is complaining but I know why. If I take a nap in my favorite chair I will probably wake up with a stiff neck. If the baby head-butts me again I will probably have a sore chin.

Now, limit your red meat intake to no more than 3 days a week. And I don't mean 3 meals a day - 3 times a week.

Add some raw fruits and vegetables. Eat a salad with every evening meal and put some raw vegetables in that salad. Man does not live by lettuce alone.

Drink your water. Your goal is to dilute that acid in order for your body to become balanced.

Don't overlook a food allergy as a cause. Are you sleepy after you eat? Did you eat a wheat product or drink milk? These two are the most common food allergies.

Remove milk and milk products and wheat from your diet for a week. Oh no, what will you eat for breakfast without the sugar coated cereal and milk. Try some fruit or a boiled egg.

Are you adding salt to your food? Try diluting its effect on the body by adding additional water to your day. You are using sea salt not the processed stuff with more chemicals to poison you.

Now probably the most important part of this whole thing is mind control. How would you be acting if you felt wonderful? I am not asking you what you would do; I am asking how you would act. How would you treat the people around you? Would you be telling them over and over how good you feel? Would you be laughing and telling jokes? Would you feel like planning that garden or painting a room?

Act like you are well. Perform the daily tasks that go with wellness like good diet and moving your body. Smile and enjoy the wonders of the day. Share the warm friendly side of yourself with others.

Getting well may just sneak up on you - just like getting sick did.


You may reprint this article including the by line. Please let me know if you publish it, I like to see other ezines.
Sharon Owen is publisher of Answers For Your, your survival guide to health and wealth. Please join us.



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