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Tinea cruris - Jock Itch

Tinea cruris is a common fungal infection. It causes a itch, red, perhaps ring-shaped rash to appear in warm areas.

Those prone to getting jock itch are those who are overweight, and who sweat a lot. The name "Jock Itch" seemed appropriate because the term Jocks is commonly used to describe guys who are really into sports. Those who participate in sports often are sweaty and prone to jock itch.

Jock itch usually is not serious, except for individuals who have weakened immune systems. It is important to keep your groin area clean and dry and to apply topical antifungal medications if you suspect that you have Jock itch.

It is also very important to prevent the spread of this infection to others by the sharing of towels, sports equipment or clothing.

If you have jock itch you may notice itching and redness in your groin area, including your genitals, inner thighs or your buttocks and anal area. You may experience burning, flaking, peeling or cracking of skin of the groin area. Cause: Little dermatophytes or fungal parasites.

These organisms, love the damp, close environments that are warm and damp. When the body sweats it washes away fungus fighting good bacteria and leaves the area open to fungus and yeast infections. 

Those individuals who have HIV/AIDS, or have other immune system impairment are prone to these infections. Individuals who suffer from dermatitis are more prone to have jock itch.

It is time to see the doctor if the rash does not clear up in two weeks. A doctor can usually identify the rash as jock itch by appearance alone; a scraping is sometimes conducted to take an "example" to be tested. 

Those with diabetes and HIV/AIDS need to be careful and to ask the doctor if the rash is persistent There are types of antifungal medications that work for jock itch. Azoles and allylamines. Over the counter meds are used for comfort, because they are less expensive and are readily available..



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