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Trigger Foods and IBS


If you have recently been diagnosed with IBS it is more than likely that your health professional has investigated both your symptoms as well as the possible solutions. You may now be wondering what you need to do yourself to remedy the pain and discomfort that are occurring in your lower abdomen.

Your physician has given you a list of foods that are the most common trigger foods for IBS.  Watching out for those trigger foods and eliminating them from your diet is the first step to take towards eliminating IBS.

You should also be keeping a food journal to identify your own particular trigger foods that aggravate your IBS.

It is important to note that dietary change will not help everyone who is suffering from IBS.

There are general guidelines that can be looked at, however, these may or may not cause the proper reaction within the digestive system.

Experimenting with the foods that you eat will help you determine whether they are causing a problem in your diet.  It has been noted that certain foods will interfere with your digestive system and make it difficult for you to digest foods properly.

Common Trigger Foods for IBS

There are several types of foods that may be causing more tension to occur in your lower intestine. For example, sugars and sweeteners can cause problems. These may especially cause irritation if they are artificial sweeteners which are used to flavor foods. You can try different types of sugars, or you can eliminate these types of foods completely.

Carbonated drinks and coffee have been found to cause IBS problems. These contain certain chemicals and preservatives that may cause your body to become tenser, which can contribute to your IBS symptoms. It is usually recommended that you stop drinking alcoholic beverages although you may find it beneficial to drink one glass of red wine in the evening.

Fatty fried foods are another trigger food group that is commonly known to cause IBS symptoms.  Vegetable oils, butter and shortening as well as fried foods are also common triggers IBS. Eating better types of oils such as virgin olive oil will help you to find the correct type of balance to help cure your IBS.

Foods with more substance to them may also be a problem. For example, dairy foods and eggs are often a problem with IBS. Dark meat and red meat are also known to be difficult for the system to take. These foods are known to be heavier and can cause problems with the digestive tract. By eating less of these foods, or eliminating them from your diet, you may have an easier time with solving IBS.

You can find what trigger foods may be causing the problem by monitoring your diet and using the process of elimination. Each type of food requires a different enzyme to process it for absorption and elimination.  Try eating each food type alone and see what the result may be.





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