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Wrinkles and Over 40 Skin Care

Every effort has been made to insure accuracy on these pages. Your physician should always be consulted in medical matters. Your physician should be consulted before beginning any exercise program. If you are on medications prescribed by your physician, you must inform him of any herbal supplements you are taking.

With that said – Please enjoy the book. If you would prefer to own and print this book, just look for the $7.00 buy button.


How and Why Skin Ages

The Sun and Your Skin

How Free Radicals Damage Skin Cells

Know Your Own Skin Type

Caring for Oily Skin

Caring for Dry Skin

Caring for Combination Skin

Fewer Wrinkles with Good Nutrition

Skin Treatments

Wrinkles and Herbal Treatments

Wrinkles and Antioxidants

Wrinkles Lose the Battle to Skin Creams

Vitamin C and Skin Care



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