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Your Digestive System and IBS

Your digestive system is a delicately balanced mechanism. IBS usually flares up because this delicate balance is put out of sync. Knowing how your digestive system works, as well as determining the different characteristics related to your digestive system and IBS will allow you to know what a good functioning digestive system is.

digestive system

The digestive system is used to mix food and enzymes so that the nutrients can be used. Food will move through your digestive system through muscular contractions to move the food downwards. As the food moves through your digestive system, the muscles help mix the contents thus enabling digestion. This includes movements through the esophagus, stomach and intestine.

The digestive system has several functions that need to occur for the proper transportation of different types of foods. The first part of this is production of digestive juices. These are usually produced in each area of the system, allowing the food to be properly broken down and moved through the system.

The next process the digestive system takes care of is making sure that nutrients are properly divided, dissolved or absorbed. This usually takes place in the upper intestine.

Proteins are broken down in the digestive system. These will need to be digested by enzymes then can be used to produce and help with tissues. These then move into the blood and provide different sources throughout the system.

If you have IBS, this may be part of the problem that is causing your digestive system to react. If you don't have enough enzymes to break down the proteins, then it will cause them to move into the wrong area, which then tenses the muscles. This, however, may not be the only source for your problems.

Another major breakdown that the digestive system includes is a breakdown of carbohydrates. The digestive system will then transport or store these in different areas. Sugars and starches are usually part of this process.

If you have IBS, this is usually the part of the digestive system that is failing. This is why many suffers think that cutting down on sugars and starches will help.

Starches, fats, and proteins are not absorbable until split into smaller molecules by the process of digestion. Each enzyme acts in an acid or alkaline or neutral juice according to where it is working in the digestive system.

The chemical actions are helped by the churning wavelike motions of the stomach walls.  When the food is sufficiently broken down it moves in small batches into the small intestine for further processing. At this point the mass called chyme is acidic and turns alkaline in the intestine.

The sensitivity of your digestive system may be what is causing IBS. It is possible that as the food moves from stage to stage it is not processed properly or in the right acid or alkaline condition.

Knowing the different functions and areas of the digestive system, as well as knowing what the problems may be in relation to this, can help you determine why you are getting IBS and what is happening with your digestive system.

Knowing how your body should be working is one way to help find out how to get back to your normal digestive functions. The food we put in our mouth determines the enzymes released to process that food. The more combinations you eat, the larger the number of enzymes that must be used to break those combination down into usable nutrients.

The first step in proper digestion is to thoroughly chew your food.  Gulping down food in large chunks is terribly hard on your stomach and can easily lead to acid reflux and heartburn.



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