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Losing Belly Fat when You are over 50

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Is it harder to lose belly fat when you are over 50? Yep. Same way it is harder if you are over 40 or over 70. Each age has additional problems to consider when looking at that fat belly.

First problem, the longer you have stored that belly fat, the more resistant it has become to being used up.

Second problem, you would not have the belly fat if your exercise routine and diet habits were at the top of your list of important things in your life.

Third problem, inertia. Just getting started. Diet pills and fads promise you immediate results or results in 3 weeks or 20 minutes a day. Not going to happen. This is not just some lose an inch to get into a pair of jeans.

Fourth problem, commitment. You have to do this for more than one day. You have to fight past the panting for breath and the pain in the joints. I am not saying you have to go out and run around the block and give yourself a heart attack.

See your doctor to make sure your heart will take the strain of suddenly starting an exercise program.

Start slow and easy.

Work to build up muscle rather than lose fat. If the goal is just to lose fat, you focus on food. If the goal is to build muscle you focus on exercise. Building muscle uses up fat. That doesn’t mean you can eat chips and cake.

If the only exercise you can manage right now is to use hand weights, then use them. Put them next to your TV chair and make yourself move them during the commercials. Decide that you will lift those hand weights 5 times during each commercial and then do it. The only person you cheat is yourself if you just sit there.

Are you spending your free time on the internet? Set a timer and use those hand weights every half hour. No, playing games may improve your hand eye coordination but it does not use up stored fat. In fact you are probably sitting hunched over with your belly protruding without any effort at holding it in.

This will not produce results that you can see in 3 weeks. But, those arms will be tighter and you will be building muscles that require the release of fat to fuel.

Add in sucking in your stomach muscles each time you do a lift and you are now working multiple muscle groups and causing more fat to be used as fuel.

Count your steps. You only need to do it once – how many steps to the bathroom from your TV chair – write it down. Add up all those steps at the end of the day. Add 10 more steps each day. Small enough numbers, but these will lead to that mile walk that has turned into a pleasure instead of torture.

If you want to use a tape measure to track your progress that is fine. But the most telling thing is the pants that just keep getting bigger.

Oh yes, just did an article on vitamin D on my Natural Health blog. Vitamin D keeps those bones strong. We want our strong bones. That belly fat is storing vitamin D and unless it is released it can’t do you any good.

If you are over 50, start right now, today, to lose that belly fat. Don’t you want to be fit and healthy when you finally retire? Don’t you want to be able to enjoy that retirement?

If playing with your grandchildren doesn’t turn you on, then consider the sex. An active sex life is hard to achieve if that big belly fat is in the way. Sex is also a very good calorie burner.

Being over 50 doesn’t mean everything has to go to pot. It does mean you will have to take active steps to control weight and build muscle. And, you will have to work at it for more than 20 minutes a day 3 times a week.