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Identity Theft

April 20th, 2012

It has been an interesting week. The top of the line air conditioner we put in less than two years ago quit working. The coil had rusted out and sprung a leak. The warranty on the coil replaced it at no charge but the labor to replace it was $1200. I told them in no uncertain terms that was ridiculous. We finally agreed on $600 but I still feel I was cheated. I have been assured that the new coil has a new coating on it that will retard the rust. It took a three man crew about 90 minutes to change out. But I did hear some interesting conversation from those 3 young men. Not about the job but about their lives.They were talking among themselves as though I did not exist so I don’t feel I was eavesdropping.

The day before the air conditioner was replaced I did my usual check on my bank account. Last year I was a victim of ID theft and now keep a much closer eye on the account.  Yep, they got me again. Cleaned out the checking account in one day. I have filed all the necessary paperwork and the charges will be reversed and the money put back in my account within ten days.  In the mean time I had no money to back the check to repair my air conditioner.  Transfer from savings.

When we were at the bank filing the paperwork, I asked the bank rep about a bill payment that I knew was coming in. She said they would pay it and charge our account an over draft charge which would be reversed with all the other fraudulent charges. When I moved money from the savings account to cover the a/c repair I discovered that the bank had moved money to cover the bill payment. They are not supposed to be able to move money from one account to the other.

I have discovered that most rules and warranties all come with a loophole to benefit the organization that issued the rules and warranties. The consumer gets the shaft most of the time.

You believe that your doctor is giving you medicine that will help or cure your condition. Down the road, well seems that medicine didn’t do much for your condition but it did increase your chance of liver cancer. Sure, there are many lawyers out there ready to take your case and sue someone for vast amounts of money most of which will end up in the lawyers pocket.

Most people try to live by the rules. We may not always eat right but we try to, believing all the advertising we see about HFCS and packaged foods. We don’t get enough exercise for the stress level we endure daily and the combination takes a heavy toll. The only warranty we have on our bodies is Garbage in, Illness takes over.

I spent a day unable to do anything but lie down in a dark room. Migraine central. My body enforces its warranty with a vengeance. Too much stress and it will take me out.

Oh yes, the person who had my fake debit card, bought car parts to repair their car, lunch at McDonald, $400 worth of shoes, three earring boutiques, a disposable phone, gas twice and more shoe shopping in Dallas. The first purchases were here in San Antonio so the bank did not flag them. One can only hope they get blisters.

My bank won’t eat those charges, they will charge them back to each of those companies. They in turn will raise the price of goods to cover the amount of loss each year in theft. Now that theft is not just the shop lifter but the id theft as well.

Now my case of ID theft which at first glace effected only me, effects every consumer. We had gotten lazy about watching to see how our card was handled. The rule is that it never leaves your sight. Most restaurants have the waiter pick up the card and off it goes to be copied for future theft. Inconvenient, but now all eating out will be by cash only.

until next time, smile

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