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How to Shrink Belly Fat

Hints, Tips, Ideas and Solutions to Eliminate Belly Fat


You Can Shrink Belly Fat

You really just want to know the best way to lose belly fat.  You want it to be easy and most of all you want it to be fast.

Getting rid of belly fat will take less time than it took to grow the belly fat.

You must not become discouraged when you do not see a size change in 10 days as promised by so many ads today.  The reality is that it took your whole life to get to today.  Every fatty thing you ate and every exercise you failed to do and every time you just felt too tired to "hold in your stomach".

For women, the onset of menopause adds additional trials to the belly bulge problem.  Estrogen is stored in fat and fat encourages the production of estrogen and the vicious circle continues.

I am not going to tell you to cut out the fats, just cut back a little.  I am going to tell you that you will not lose that fat belly until you give up sugar and start maintaining a good posture and exercise every day.

High gylcemic index (GI) foods go straight to what was once your waist.

If you want a reality check of your posture, go stand in front of a mirror.  Now stand tall and suck that fat belly in trying to make it touch your backbone.  That is what you would look like if your posture was in good condition.  That is the easiest thing to correct. 

Now with a proper diet and some uncomfortable exercises you can find your waist again and get rid of that belly fat.

So read these articles by me and some of the best professionals in the business.  Don't be fooled into spending your hard earned money on so called miracle pills that promise overnight weight loss.

Check out the Belly Fat Blues Blog and put in your comments if you like.

This body is the only one you get.  Either improve it or lose it. Obesity and belly fat go hand in hand.

Think of all the wonderful things you are going to miss if you don't take yourself out of the Obesity statistics.

If you consider suicide to be a sin, then consider that obesity is just a slow form of suicide. No one can force you to rearrange your life to improve your life.

Most definitely you are much more than just your body.  Your soul and your personality and your laugh and your sharing.  You have a heart of gold that will cease to beat too soon if you don't get rid of the belly fat.

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